Some quick things about me: I’m a SF transplant who’s worked with some cool companies. Just moved to Santa Monica.

I haven’t met a challenge that I wasn’t down for - including creating content in the midst of a pandemic. It’s a super challenging time to work through, but constraints make for the best work.

Poke around my book and HMU if you want to chat about my work or who would win in a fight - a 🍕 or a 🌮?


Art Direction
Design Strategy
Team Player
Motion Design
Story Telling
Digital Design
Shoot Production


  • Sr. Art Director & Creative Leader
    Health-Ade Kombucha • Sep 2020 – April 2021
  • Sr. Art Director
    Allbirds • Feb 2020 – Aug 2020
  • Art Director
    Boosted Boards • Jan 2019 – Feb 2020
  • Art Director
    Sephora • Aug 2017 – Jan 2019
  • Sr. Visual Designer
    Sephora • May 2016 – Aug 2017
  • Web Designer
    Pottery Barn • May 2015 – May 2016
  • Visual Designer & Art Director
    Google • Nov 2013 – May 2015


  • "Is it possible to feel so connected with and moved by someone you’ve never met in person? Zoom call after Zoom call, Priscilla never fails to shine bright with her self-motivation, impeccable eye for design, attention to detail, natural leadership, business acumen, and unquenchable curiosity. Priscilla is a strategic creative powerhouse.

    Don’t ask me how she managed to successfully conceptualize and execute multiple overlapping campaigns, while leading Health-Ade’s brand and website redesign, building an internal creative team, and streamlining our creative intake process. Priscilla is a real risk-taker. She’s constantly pushing boundaries, allocating time and space for exploration, and empowering her team to show up to every meeting, prepared to speak to design solutions that meticulously blend consumer and industry data with tasteful art. Above all, Priscilla is a remarkable human that cares—about the work and her team’s wellbeing.We all could use a little more Priscilla in our lives."

    Jackie Kao
    Visual Designer
  • "I recently had the pleasure of working with Priscilla while she was at Allbirds. Not only was she an inspiring and encouraging manager who motivated me to grow as a designer but she was also one of the most driven and thoughtful people I've worked with.

    Despite the circumstances of having to work from home for most of her time at Allbirds due to Covid-19, Priscilla came to work every day with optimism and energy to go above and beyond expectations. She successfully art directed multiple socially distanced photoshoots and brought an enormous amount of knowledge and organization to the team. I can wholeheartedly say Priscilla's amazing work ethic and contagious personality wouldbe a great addition to any team."

    Amanda Knapp
    Designer & Jr. Art Director
  • "Priscilla had the inevitable job of evolving Boosted’s brand aesthetic to appeal to a more diverse set of consumers at a time when the company was known for its strong brand presence and highly lauded creative execution.

    Priscilla immediately rose to the challenge and was able to quickly gain the trust of the internal team. As a result she was able to challenge established norms and take creative risks that paid off.Priscilla is both highly creative and very strategic - a rare trait. She has a very refined taste level and a knack for identifying trends and (more importantly) for translating them in a brand-right way.

    From a strategic point of view, she worked closely with Boosted’s Head of Growth to understand the objective behind each marketing campaign in order to deliver creative that answered to a specific objective. She is also very organized, which makes her extremely effective while on location. Finally, Priscilla is just a lovely person to work with. She is incredibly thoughtfuland makes those around her feel appreciated."

    Noriko Morimoto
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • "We are a creative group managing all aspects of Sephora’s digital output; site, email,social, video and display advertising.

    Priscilla was instrumental in shaping the skincare category. Contributing to various 360 campaigns, she always ensured the brand’s consistency. On many occasions, Priscilla took on lead roles by envisioning design directions, preparing for photo shoots, and working with photographers during the shoot and in post production. She was involved in every step of the process, from kick offs to delivery of final executions.Throughout her time at Sephora, Priscilla has consistently proven herself to be a thoughtful designer; with a great eye for visual proportions, typography and color.

    More importantly, Priscilla is a problem solver. In a retail organization like Sephora, when projects are moving fast and people are required to multi-task, there can be ambiguity and stress. In every instance, Priscilla’s sunny disposition and can-do attitude was a welcome attribute within our team. It’s been an absolute pleasure having Priscilla on my team."

    Susan Park
    Vice President of Creative