Adventures in Natural Materials

Campaign Manifesto
As we began to adapt to a life of sheltering in place, we knew our plans—just like everyone else’s—would change. Not long after this realization, we made the decision to cancel all forthcoming photoshoots for the health and safety of our team and partners. But as the saying goes, the show must go on—we still have warehouses filled with new products, and we want to figure out how to introduce them to our fans.

Then we met James. James is no stranger to isolation. With a home base of San Luis Obispo, California, he resides in his vintage van, choosing to live and play in the outdoors. We wondered what James’ day-to-day life might be like, so we asked him to document it and give us a window into his unconventional quarantine. Equipped with his camera, he showed us how nature continues to remain an inspirational retreat, even as everything else around us seems to be in flux.

Creative Director: Alex Valdman
Senior Art Director: Priscilla Scott
Designer: Megan Meyers
Copywriters: Ryan Overhiser, Loretta Haskell

Producer: Preston Richardson
Photographers: James Barkman, Sean Collier, Christian Ramirez
Director: Ryan Espinosa
Video Editor: Doug Mahoney, Ryan Espinosa