Campaign Manifesto

What does it mean to follow your gut? Trust your gut. Go with your gut. Punch in the gut. Gut instinct. When stakes are high, pressure is on, it’s now or never, we get that feeling. You know the one — instinctual, immediate, knowing. It guides us toward the decision that deep down we know is right. It’s a gut feeling. But what’s the gut got to do with it? 

Everything, really. Known as your second brain, the gut does way more than digest: it boosts mood, drives energy, and strengthens immunity, too. We’re only starting to understand this wonderful world inside us, but one thing is clear — nurture a healthy gut and a happy human will follow. Turns out, we’d all be better off listening to what our gut has to say. Let’s make sure it’s heard loud and clear — Follow Your Gut! 


Agency: Sister Studio

Senior Art Director: Priscilla Scott

3D Animation: Wang & Söderström

Director: Lana Shahmoradian

Director of Photography: Ben Carey

Still-Life Photographer: Sergiy Barchuk

Lifestyle Photographers: Daria Kobayashi Ritch, Ana Cuba

Design Team: Jackie Kao, Lewis Jacobs